1. Will I get the same products every month?

a. No, products will vary month to month. If we get extremely positive feedback on any particular product we may repeat that product. 

2. Are the number of products in a box same month to month?

a. The number of products in a box will vary month to month depending on the size of your selected box and cost of the products selected for that month. The value of the box will remain consistent from month to month. 

3. Are the products in the boxes currently found in Bermuda?

a. We have primarily tried to bring in unique products to the island but time to time some of our products you might recognize on the shelves on island. If there are any products you would like to see in our boxes, please send us an email. 

4. Do you deliver across island?

a. Yes we will deliver to both home and office locations across the island. There is a discount for town delivery. We ONLY deliver in Bermuda. 

5. Can I buy a subscription for someone else?

a. Yes during the ordering process on our website you will be able to choose whether the item is for yourself or a gift and be guided through a separate process for this. We will also soon be launching a shopping cart feature that will offer gift subscription options. 

6. When will I receive my first box?

a. If you order is received by the 30th of the month you will receive your first box the third week of the following month. If your order is placed after the 30th of the month your first box will begin the following month. This allows us sufficient time to get your box perfectly curated!

i. Example 1: place an order on 25th of September, your first month will be October and you can expect your delivery the 3rd week of the month. 

ii. Example 2: place an order on 5th of October, your first month will be November and you can expect your delivery the 3rd week of the month. 

7. How do I cancel my subscription or what if there is an issue with my order?

a. Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss cancellation or any issues/changes to your order. 

8. How do change my delivery address?

a. Please email us updated information and we will update our delivery schedule accordingly. 

9. What type of boxes do you have?

a. The current boxes we offer are: Vegan; Gluten Free; Paleo; Kid Friendly and Variety. The variety box will have a mix of all the products in it, not specific to one diet. This allows you to sample the range of great snacks we have to offer.